The National Council of AFT Staff Unions is an organization comprised of staff unions across the country representing employees of the American Federation of Teachers, state federations and local affiliates.

The Council was established in August 2007 to provide a forum for AFT staff union leaders to offer support to colleagues through communication, contract exchange and cooperative action.

The Council meets annually in Chicago, IL and conducts conference calls with member organizations at least quarterly. These conversations provide Council members the opportunity to openly discuss issues that are facing our sisters and brothers across the country, such as contract negotiations, contracting out and fiscal concerns. The opportunity to share perspectives from all over the country on these and other topics is enlightening to all our member unions.

In the midst of an economic crisis, more will be asked of union staff as the assault on members’ rights continues. We have much to learn from each other about the allocation of staff resources, the necessary level of training to do our jobs and ways to build solidarity. The Council continues to grow and welcomes new member unions to join. To receive information on the Council, please contact one of the officers listed below.